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When you abuse Benadryl it just makes you not be able to sit comfortably and you kinda see stuff move if you focus really hard. -10/10

Datura. Please never try this shit.

A friend of kind told me that he was with a bunch of people were sitting round smoking salvia from a 6-shooter pipe , and no one was really feeling anything. Then this one guy, who had been silent for a few minutes just gave out this strange, wailing/moaning cry, and then fell back.

Turns out, while tripping, he had lived his life as a book on a shelf and then, as he put it, “someone opened me, and it was the first time it’s ever happened.”

Salvia. Worst drug experience I’ve ever had. I took a big bong rip of some 25x and laid down on my bed in the dark. I lived a lifetime as some kind of mantis creature imprisoned in a spinning, primary-colored three sided tent. My hands were attached to two sides, and my feet were bound together and attached to the third. The most fucked up part is I knew I was there for a purpose, and I knew I deserved it. I looked down at my feet, and the spinning was driving me down toward some very large lawnmower blades.

“I’m going to be cut to ribbons,” I remember thinking as my feet went into the blades. About the time they reached my waist, the walls my hands were bound to opened up and I was ripped apart. That’s when I came to. It was something like 8 minutes later. Fuck that shit. Never again.

I bought “ecstasy” at a shitty rave once when I was barely 18. As anyone can tell you, if you buy ecstasy from a random at a rave, it’s usually just meth.

Most incredible feeling. I danced by myself the entire time, hours and hours, in just my tiny bra top and tiny booty shorts, which was astounding as I was a deeply insecure anorexic. Looked so fucking tweaked nobody even tried to get near me. I was high for an insanely long time.

The crash was god awful disgusting and dirty. Never again. I felt god-like when I was high, but it was NOT worth it. I don’t know why anyone would ever do it willingly knowing the crash is that fucking terrible!

 I took a capsule of what I thought was molly (it was just meth). I couldn’t sleep all that night, because I was curled into the fetal position in my bed, and the only thoughts that kept racing through my mind were: you’re a loser, nobody likes you, your friends and family would hate you if they knew the real you.

When I’m sober and having thoughts like that, I can always cheer myself up and rationalize my thoughts into raising my mood again. But the pill I took had drained all my happiness and self-esteem. It was literally like a dementor swooped down and sucked out all my happiness. Fuck meth, fuck that dealer. From that experience I learned to never take a pill unless you test it with one of those kits.

Salvia was mind blowing, but in a really devastating way that left me depressed for a long time after the trip.

Meth, I tried it a couple times and swear I have PTSD just from coming down. Evil evil drug.

Shouldn’t have surprised me because coke’s over-rated too.

Took a hit, thought I was trapped in a prism. Fell into my dad’s bushes in the garden and peed myself. Never again

I loved it.

I turned into a steam train as I lay on my rug, then, as I recovered from the trip had to physically climb out of the rug like I was climbing atop a mountain.

Then I had a laughing fit for about ten minutes all by myself.

What I remember most vividly is the sense of realisation, I was almost face-palming myself because OF COURSE I’ve been a steam train this whole time and how the hell did I not realise this sooner.

Salvia. Not my husband’s favorite.

As he puts it, the first time he tried it he watched the universe unravel into separate colorful threads, including his friends and surroundings. Those threads faded into blackness and reformed into a multicolored hunting cap, which contained the entire known universe, and he was another entity looking onto the known universe that contained everything anyone has ever known. All was right and peaceful.

Until the moment that the hunting hat began unraveling again, and the universe that had become quickly dissapated into the void.

Then he woke up in the same spot he had started.

According to his friends, what had actually transpired was that he took the hit, said “here I go”, sat back into the lazyboy, and then proceeded to run around the house yelling “Where did it go, I don’t know what is going on!”, bent a stove pipe running out the chimney from a wood burning stove while wondering where the universe was going, and then walked backwards as though you were watching a VHS while rewinding it only to finish in the original position in the original chair. He then opened his eyes and asked: “Did it really happen?!”

Oddest part is that having gone to college in Humboldt, he tried DMT twice and had no effects. Some drugs hit you harder than others, genetically.

TLDR: Weed is easier.

so that’s where string theory came from.

I got lucky and wasn’t terrified during my trip.. but it was something. So basically Resetti from animal crossing popped out of the ground in a mine cart and started yelling at me to get in his cart to go into the mines and help him. I jumped in and we travelled through mines, jumping tracks, swatting at bats. Then I came to back in the field I was in.

In real life I was laying on the ground on my belly clawing at the grass and screeching.

Inhaled then…BAM! My body is compressed with every living thing into a hugely massive ball. Something breaks loose and the entire thing begins to roll…over a giant meat slicer. Rolling over then under. Every time I go down to the bottom, a thin slice is shaved away…through skin, muscle, hair and bone.

No more Salvia for me, thanks!

The problem with Salvia is that the trip comes on TOO fast. Your mind isn’t ready for it so most people have a pretty negative reaction to it.

Can you believe I was hanging out with some people who actually “spiked” a dudes weed bowl with fucking Salvia? Got to be one of the most fucked up things I’ve been present for. Dude had no idea what was happening to him.

I took a hit in my front yard when I was 16 on a beautiful summer day…damn yard got rolled up like a rug vet my entire house with me in it and then some higher being pulled me from what I thought was reality into “actual reality.” It was terrifying. Second time I tried it sitting around a campfire and I turned into a tool box and I couldn’t move until the box drawers were closed which took a few min. Good times.

There are 2 types of drugs – drugs with goods & bads, & drugs with bads.

Shrooms are definitely the former, but the fact is that taking them young will make the bads much worse.

Most likely coke, it has a terrible come down that lasts ages for me and Jesus Christ the feeling of wanting to re-dose is so aggressive I’ve never felt anything like it. 

Cocaine. The high is boring, it’s incredibly overpriced, and it turns me into a cunt. Also, the hangover sucks, and it made me more anxious than acid for about 10 minutes. I don’t get the appeal at all.

Also, spice or whatever the fuck they call it now. Fuck you, Brian, for putting that shit in that bowl without telling me. Worst drug experience of my entire life. And this was 8 years ago, before the really nasty stuff came onto the market.

its basically plant matter sprayed with a shitton of chemicals to simulate the experience of being high through marijuana. The upside is that it doesnt show up on marijuana bloodtests, and the downsides are pretty much everything else about it (most of the chemicals are untested and can be extremely dangerous, synthetic “marijuana” has absolutely killed people)

edit: the other upside was that it could be sold at various smokeshops through loopholes in the law. it was cateogrized as an “incense” and it had a warning “hey please dont smoke this, really, dont wink